The Little Golden Gate Bridge in Arkansas

There's a miniature Golden Gate Bridge few people know about in Beaver, Arkansas. Although only 554 feet long and 11 feet wide, it is a working bridge carrying Hwy 187 across the White River in one of the most scenic area's in all of Arkansas. It is the last remaining suspension bridge in this part of the country.

You have to be careful driving across this famous bridge as it is only one lane wide so you have to be considerate of any cars coming across from the other side, but in the sleepy little town of Beaver there's not much traffic to worry about. It is a little unnerving though as you cross the wooden planks above the river below and hear it creaking and the whole bridge begins to wobble a bit. It's held up since 1949 so you should be safe - probably.

The state highway department has made plans several times to tear it down to make room for a new, modern bridge, but the locals and area historians were quick to organize and effectively protest each time so the plans were scrapped. It's been 7 years now since the bridge had to be saved, but the Save The Bridge organization remains ever vigilant and ready to defend the bridge again should the need arise.

To see The Little Golden Gate Bridge, take AR 187 which runs from AR 23 to U.S. 62 between Holiday Island and Rogers. When you get to Beaver, you can't miss it. Bring your camera and maybe a picnic lunch to take a nice break in the little park beside the river at the bridge.

The bridge is listed on the National
Register of Historic Places