Postcard from Hawaii - VI

We chose Blue Hawaii for our helicopter tour. Good choice!
Up, up and away! It's a little expensive, but when you go to Hawaii, one of your splurge items should be a helicopter tour. You'll get a bird's eye view of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world! On the island of Hawaii, you'll see volcanoes, flowing lava, gorgeous coastline, rain forest, and waterfalls there is no other way to see. Plan to take lots of pictures and plenty of video because it will be a memory for a lifetime. A word of caution - even if you think you don't need it, take your motion sickness medicine!

Almost ready for takeoff
Youngest-daughter a little nervous as this was her first
helicopter flight, but ready to go!

Coastline of cooled lava. You can see under the water where
the lava flowed into the ocean and over time is adding
land making the island bigger.

Greenery is coming back in an old lava field.

Recent lava field which reached the ocean. You can see how
thick the lava was!
Active lava flow. The lava stream looks small from this height,
but it was actually rather large.

Double waterfall. This is on private property and the only way
to see it is from the air.

I want to live here!
Back safe on the ground. It was a rush!