One Unlucky Fella

In 1883, Henry Ziegland of Honey Grove, Texas broke up with his girlfriend shortly before their announced wedding. She was so distressed she committed suicide. Her brother, who loved his little sister very much, felt the need to avenge her death. He went to Ziegland's ranch several days later where he found him in a field standing in front of a tree. The brother pulled his 6-shooter and fired, hitting Ziegland in the head. Thinking he had avenged his sister, but not wanting to swing from the gallows or spend his life on the run from the law, he turned the gun to his own head and fired, killing himself instantly.
What had actually happened though was the bullet had only skimmed Henry's head with just enough force to knock him down. The bullet continued on its way behind Ziegland, lodging itself in the tree he had been standing in front of. Ziegland was not seriously hurt and counted himself a very lucky fellow.
All was well until 20 years later in 1903 when Henry decided to clear the land where the tree still stood. He tied several sticks of dynamite to the tree and set it off.  The explosion caused the embedded bullet to fly into his head and killed him on the spot.