Rock, Paper, Scissor

In Gillette, Wyoming, in front of the Gillette News-Record newspaper offices at 1201 W. 2nd Street, there is a bronze statue of the decision-making game Rock, Paper, Scissors. The sculpture is by Warren Cullar and Kevin Box. While it certainly is not worth a long trip to see, if you happen to be in the area for some other reason then you should check it out because, well, just because it's kind of cool.

After getting your picture taken next to the Rock, Paper, Scissor statue for posterity, less than a mile away at 902 W. 2nd Street is a pretty cool county museum named the Rockpile Museum. It is not a museum of rocks; it got its name because it is located next to a big pile of rocks. Evidently, during those long, cold, winter days in Gillette, the residents do not spend their time coming up with exquisitely intellectual names for their city features.