Postcard From A Texas Bottle Tree Farm

Many folks know about Elmer Long's Bottle Tree Ranch on Route 66 in California, but there's an artist in Llano, Texas that makes unique bottle trees and other art which certainly rivals and perhaps surpasses Mr. Long's place. 

On a recent road trip through central Texas, I was cruising through Llano when I passed by a most interesting and colorful yard - one of those totally unexpected serendipitous road trip happenings. You have to take advantage of these; be open to seeing something cool, meeting someone new, doing something exciting. I made a quick u-turn.

After pulling into the little drive-way, Kathleen, one of the friendliest, most interesting people I've had the pleasure to encounter strolled over to meet me and we began to talk. I felt comfortable right away. She told me the story of how she came to own the nice, well maintained little house in the middle of all the art. Walkways of crushed glass meandered around and through the art pieces. She showed me the lizards at the front of the yard and how she made them using colored glass from the plates her children had broken when they were little. There were numerous bottle trees, each with a story to tell and every one of them an interesting piece in and of itself. Some of the art, like the life-size warrior princess (that's my interpretation anyway) made of tin foil, can be taken as not quite in the mainstream of art, but it is definitely art and definitely interesting.

Lizard animal things Kathleen made with pieces of glass
her children broke when they were little.
If you've ever wanted to build a bottle tree of your own, she'll be happy to sell you the metal tree, which she will make with her own hands. Or for a right fair price, you can take home a unique piece of art sure to be a conversation piece. Call 325.248.1704 before dropping by her place at 401 E. Young in Llano and I'm sure she'll be happy to visit with you, show you her art pieces, and answer any questions you might have. You can also check out her web site

I had a great time looking at all the really interesting art work and talking with Kathleen. I'm sure you would too. I give this place 2 thumbs up!

Tin foil warrior princess?

Bunny-dude & peacock bottle tree
There's a lot of interesting glass art work here!

Crushed glass walkway with lizard design

Found Elvis!
For the pink flamingo crowd

For the golfing crowd
I haven't a clue, but it's pretty and I liked it!