Postcard from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Reagan statue at the entrance to
 the library
While in California visiting a friend recently, we took the opportunity to take in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. Having never been to a presidential library before, I was very pleasantly surprised to find it to be an interesting exhibit of artifacts, historical documents and interactive displays. There was a full-sized replica of the Oval Office and Ronald Reagan's actual Air Force One plane along with a replica of the White House's Rose Garden.

I always thought Reagan was a pretty good president, but I came away more impressed with him and some of the things he said way back in the early 1980's ring truer than ever today. To be honest, initially I wasn't expecting much and was not very enthused about going to a presidential library. I only went to accompany my friend who wanted to see it, but I definitely came away wanting to visit more of them. Before we left the gift shop, I purchased a Presidential Library Passport. Looking like a passport and about the same size as one, it contains information and the location of each presidential library in America and has a place to get the page stamped as you visit. There happens to be 3 of them within easy driving distance of my home and I fully intend for there to be some stamping going on soon!

The library is on the top of a high hill which offers
a great view of the surrounding area

Signs of Reagan's favorite sayings were posted
throughout the library

Full-sized recreation of the Oval Office

Reagan's presidential limo

Ronald Reagan quote, March 6, 1981

Reagan's Air Force One. We took a tour
of it - pretty impressive!

Ronald Reagan quote

Piece of the Berlin Wall