Route 66 - Standing On A Corner

Sign designating the Standing On The Corner Park at
Second Street and Kinsley Avenue in Winslow, Arizona.
Just 12 miles past the Jackrabbit Trading Post is the town of Winslow, famous to most people strictly due to the song, Take It Easy sung by The Eagles and released in 1972. The famous second verse includes the phrase, "Well I'm a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona; such a fine site to see; It's a girl, my Lord, in a flat-bed Ford slowing down to take a look at me." In response, the town erected a life-sized, bronze statue and mural commemorating the song at the Standing On The Corner Park.

Yep, that's me standing on THE corner!
Being of the right age to remember the song and for it to actually bring back good memories, even if it wasn't along Route 66, I would have made a special detour to stand on the corner and have my picture taken. I didn't expect Youngest-daughter to be as excited as me, but she seemed happy to be there, smiled a lot, and readily stood in the appropriate places for me to take pictures of her standing in the appropriate places. Later, she rather sheepishly said, "Dad, I'm sorry, but I don't know what was special about that." After a discussion of the song and the band and what I was doing in the summer of 1972 when the song was so popular, we found the song on iTunes and downloaded it to my iPod to play for her. I asked her if she didn't know about it, why did she seem happy and excited to be there? She replied, "Because you were."  And her mother wonders why this little girl has me totally wrapped around her finger!

At the corner
After getting your picture taken, there's lot's of souvenirs
and good shopping at Dominique's across the street.

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