Elvis Found!

Portia, Arkansas is a small town in far northeast Arkansas in Lawrence County. It's one of of places you shouldn't blink while driving through or you'll miss it - and be none the wiser or sadder for it. Situated along Hwy 63, a grand total of 445 souls call it home. It's a clean, quiet, unassuming little place. Even the houses in Portia are little with the median home price being only $51,300. Nope, not much going on in Portia, even on Saturday nights.

So imagine my surprise as I drove through Portia last weekend on my way to see a raven when I found something astounding, something amazing, something some people have been striving to find since  August 16, 1977 - I found Elvis Presley! Elvis, the man, the myth, the legend.

Elvis and Mini-Elvis!