Kerrville Road Trip - Day 1 Morning

I always get a bit excited the night before a road trip and last night was no different. I woke up at 4:24, as in very early, as in everyone else in the world is still asleep, as in still dark time. I eased out of bed and with arms waving around in front of me in the total darkness, baby-stepped my way across the room and into the bathroom to get rid of last night's decaf. I repeated the same process back to bed and for once didn't run into a wall that had moved over a few inches during the night or trip over a discarded blouse or step on a shoe or fork or some other landmine the women in my life sometimes leave for my bare feet to discover in the dark. As I lay back down, I almost squished the little black wonder dog who had jumped up on the bed and was trying to claim my warm spot as her own. As I jerked back to keep from laying on her, I somehow managed to bark my shin on the bed frame. After mumbling a few choice words and rubbing my shin to magically make the intense pain subside to just a hurt, I put the dog back on the floor where she belongs, lay down and closed my eyes. The last thing I remembered before drifting off was the dog jumping back on the bed and curling up at my feet.

I awoke again at 7:27; started petting the Mamma-woman and said I love you to the dog. The only one even slightly interested in what I was doing was the dog so I hauled my butt out of bed and into the shower. Once again I was amazed at how good I can sing in there. After drying off and getting into some clean clothes, I noticed a pile of shorts on my side of the bathroom counter. A few seconds of confusion resulted, but all was cleared up when I decided I better check my packed bag and discovered I only thought I had packed shorts. A last minute check of everything, a quick bowl of heart-healthy Malt-O-Meal, a handful of medicine pills chugged down with left over coffee heated in the microwave, and I'm off!

Well, I thought I was off, but first I had to grab a rag and wipe all the kitty paw prints off BFT (Big Ford Truck). I wonder what little girl left the cats locked in the garage all night? And just how do kitty paws always seem to be so dusty they leave little tracks all over a vehicle? I know they wash their feet, I see them do it so how come my truck is covered in dusty kitty paw prints? Devil's spawn is what they are! But now all kitty traces are gone and as Willie starts singing "On the road again...," the cats, the dog, the house and my girls recede in BFT's rear view mirror. I'm outta here headed for the great unknown with a smile upon my face!